SEO – Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

Seo or search engine optimization is a term used for search engine friendly techniques which website owners and bloggers use in order for their site to be found by search engines, and to ideally get ranked, which in turn gives their site better placement. For example, when someone searches for a topic that their site is based on, their hope is for their site to be found easily.

What is SEO most beneficial for?

The creme de la creme is to have their site on page one of the search results when an individual does a search. This will greatly increase the chances that their site will be visited. The site will show up on the ‘organic results’, which means the column in the middle, not the paid ads that are found on the side.

In general, any site or blog that you find on page one of the organic results, especially under any topic that is popular, have utilized different forms of SEO to be there, as it isn’t the easiest task to accomplish.

An exception would be a site which simply gets massive amounts of visitors, that is just known famously.

5 Simple Search Engine Optimization Tips

5 Simple Tips For Search Engine Optimization

Any business who wishes to climb the search engine ladder, making it to page one, search engine optimization is one powerful method of helping reach that goal. For the beginner, strategic use of keywords will help provide the fuel your site needs to boost your search engine rankings. For brave souls who want to evolve to the next level, roll up your sleeves because it becomes a bit more complicated.

The most valuable formula for SEO; is making sure your site is search engine friendly. Then its just a matter of continuous tweaking, time and patience, and making your good site better.

Simply follow this formula for starters;

Design your site to please
Develop enticing content
Be smart about where to place the right words
Place the site on radar
Update your content consistently and frequently

Utilizing the Basics

1. Many site owners want all the bells and whistles, yet it can interfere with functionality. In the modern world, everyone uses graphics but it must be driven by a purpose. Sure, if youre the Modern Museum of Art, it goes without saying what the user expects.

Graphics should go only so far; in other words, when using graphics ask yourself, why it exists on your site and how is it being used. More importantly, does it need to be used? Search engines may find it difficult for their spiders to crawl your site. Sites with too many graphics and complex coding prevent the spiders from reading your website and this will be detrimental to your ranking.

2. Next, take a look at your keywords; when writing content for your site, make sure to include your most important keywords in the content. Include at least one of your keywords in every title, headline and each paragraph. Adding keywords to your content may seem like a no-brainer, but maximizing your keyword density without making your writing sound ridiculous is a balancing act.

3. Take every opportunity to insert keywords in your site, including the page description, title tags and site description. Title and page title tags allow the visitor to see a description on their browser page. Not only will this help with your search engine rankings, but it helps brand your site and remind visitors what your site is about. The site description is important because search engines add this 250-character description on their directories. The more relevant your description is, the better opportunity you have to move up in the page rankings.

4. Individuals who believe, if you build it, they will come, are mistaken. By submitting your site to the search engines, you basically are sending an invitation for the spiders to review your site, and add to their directories. Once your site is included in the search engine directory, whenever potential visitors type in a keyword the search engine will list you somewhere within their pages.

5. Everyones site benefits from engaging, well-written content; but you must sustain the interest of visitors. Provide updated information that users are searching for. If your site is just sitting there, day after day, with the same outdated content, there will be no reason to re-visit your site.

So the magic bullet of search engine optimization is comprised of several elements, all working together to bring value to the user. Review your site regularly, and when in doubt, go back to the basics and renew.

Check Duplicate Content For SEO

I have heard about this, but hadn’t considered checking it for SEO purposes.

I was watching a site of mine, and seeing how it was ranking, and it was nowhere to be found.

Fair enough, as I am new to all of this search engine optimization, internet marketing, site building stuff.

Anyways, for some reason, one post caught my eye, as it was an article from one of my posts, verbatim.

The credit was given me for the publish, but the problem was that my site was nowhere to be found.

Previous to this, I had published this exact article to Ezine Articles, and it did reasonably well. The only problem there was that my site wasn’t showing up in the search results, and the article was.

I took the article down thinking I may have gotten a duplicate content penalty, as I have heard that can get you thrown in the sandbox. That must have been the case.

Well, my site still wasn’t ranking a few weeks later and I had been scratching my head over this.

Once I found this forum post with my article, I signed up and sent a pm, and they took it right down.

Two days later, my site was back ranking in the search results.

It is a relatively new site, and I am learning as I go, so it’s not on page one, but this was a great experience for me.

So, if you have a mysteriously de-indexed site, and you think your SEO is otherwise done well, check for duplicate content.

Please leave any insights about this also, if you have anything to add.

SEO Through On Page Optimization

Another SEO tip is to use on page optimization. What this means is that the keyword or term shows up on your actual webpage or site page. An individual page will suffice for on page optimization. When a user does a search, they will be directed through the search engines to the column of links, and generally, each in the search results is to an individual page.

This isn’t always the case, as some results point to links to an actual home page. It is simplet to grasp when analyzing an individual page for on page optimization, for most often, each and every page of a site is not geared towards that exact keyword or keyword phrase, so with one single page, you can be more specific.

So ideally, you want to carry the keyword, or keyword phrase on the page that you are optimizing. There are general guidelines that you can research, even on Google, where they have a guide for webmasters. It will tell you to aim to have the keyword or keyword phrase in the title, in the beginning of the article, and towards the end.

You may think, oh this is easy, I can just write my keyword repeatedly, and that will increase my page rank in the search engines, but that won’t work. The algorithms of the search engines are very good at detecting when a page is trying to trick the system with a technique like that, and it will penalize the offending page, by setting it way back in the search results, which is called being slapped, or sand boxed. Repeat offending pages are known to be permanently banned, so this isn’t an area to take lightly.

The general rule of thumb for SEO, is provide great content, build up your blog or site over time, use appropriate on page optimization, with up to 3% of your content containing your keyword or keyword phrase, and then you will be prepared to succeed over the long term.

Backlinks For Seo

Backlinks is an area that I am learning about. This is an area that simply has a broad definition, with some varying opinions. A backlink is a link on another site, that links back to yours.

I am going to explain it how I am coming to understand it. If you are reading this, and feel that you have a valuable suggestion for backlinks, or an added suggestion to anything I mention here, please feel free to do so in the comments here, and this blog is CommentLuv enabled and KeywordLuv enabled, so in return for adding a valuable response, you can get a backlink to your site or blog.

One way to get backlinks is to comment on other blogs, leaving your URL in the form, and if the webmaster allows it, you will have a link back to your site. One aspect I am learning about this is the rank of the page where your backlink is. The higher the rank is better. It remains a debate how many backlinks are a good idea, but it seems pretty unanimous, that higher ranked pages are better than lots of backlinks on less ranked pages. Additionally there are no-follow sites and do-follow. A do-dollow will allow that link to be found by a search engine, and a no-follow won’t. According to some, speaking about backlink diversity, it is a good idea to have some of both.

Another method for backlinks, is to create a hyperlink in your blog posts, with a backlink to wherever you have a post that you want to backlink to and is relevant. I did that in this post with the works CommentLuv and KeywordLuv, so they link directly to the relevant posts I have here on this blog, in case someone would like to discover more about them, before reading further.

Also gaining in popularity for backlinking is social media bookmarking. And here you will see a link to my personal blog, where I follow my own progress in internet marketing. You can open an account on Digg, Delicious, Stumbled Upon, Facebook etc. There you can leave links to posts or blogs that you wish, and create another backlink, and again I have here left hyperlinks with a backlink to my own pages on those sites.

Another tool, in the social media bookmarking category is Squidoo, which I am going to devote another post to.

Ranking For The Term SEO

Of course I had in mind the idea of ranking for the term SEO itself when I created this blog. I’m sure it’s a complete pipe dream, but I got such a kick out of the idea.

Honestly I was searching through possible domains with nice keywords, and I came up with this domain. I love the irony in the concept of attempting to rank for the search term SEO. This site will need to be infused with some spectacular search engine optimization, in order to be discovered by search engines lol.

This whole thought just struck me at this moment, and I decided I needed to post something about it, as a bit of a humorous post, and yet, one can hope right?

I am having some fun here, along with the content, which is a bit sought after by those looking to work on their internet savvy. Were I to go on about this topic, it may begin to look like keyword spam, so I think I will leave it at this.

If you stumble upon this post, please feel free to leave any related thoughts that you have on this, or perhaps a seemingly impossible task about which you have partaken.

CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

CommentLuv is another concept that I have discovered in the online community, which is similar to KeywordLuv. It is a WordPress plug in that allows bloggers to comment on a page and leave a back link to their own blog. This is a refreshing concept to me as I have found myself wandering around in the throes of the internet marketing world, looking at times for my life preserver.

I love how this allows us to help each other, for it seems that a blog is benefited through receiving pertinent comments, and simultaneously the commenter benefits by leaving a back link to his or her blog.

Here is where I read up a bit on CommentLuv, and through here, was the actual blog run by Andy Baily, who created CommentLuv. This now seems like a maze doesn’t it?

Ana Hoffman from Traffic Generation Cafe has just published an amazing list of CommentLuv enabled blogs – great resource for finding new quality blogs to comment on, build relationships, and quality one way links.

Please feel free to comment here as well, on this topic. I would love to hear your experience with this.

Niche Market For Search Engine Optimization

Finding a niche market is an effective way to maximize search engine optimization. Additionally it can prove profitable with some research.

A niche market is a portion of any market, and can be as specific as an individual product. Basically a niche can be formed around any product or service.  This is an important strategy for SEO purposes.

An example, is this site right here. Seo or search engine optimization is a niche of internet marketing, and niche marketing is a niche within a niche. SEO may seem a bit of an abstract niche, as it isn’t a tangible object to be held, yet search engine optimization is an area that is sought after both for knowledge, and there are SEO services rendered to all forms of businesses on the internet as they realize the importance of utilizing SEO to make their presence known and eventually discovered.

Competition is one factor to consider within niche marketing, as if you choose a niche such as professional sports in general, you will be up against some massive competition, that has many well established authorities, with some long and respected history, two factors that create an edge for them. With this example, a niche within this niche, which there are perhaps millions, may be a preferred strategy in niche marketing. Once this decision is made, then the marketer would decide on which specific niches they know the most about, or would like to pursue. Once they have decided this, then they can do some market research and look at such factors to their preference, such as will this be a lucrative niche and how much competition is there here. Another consideration is to decide whether the potential customers or clientelle will be researching this on the internet, and what their purpose will be. Of course there will be some necessitated trial and error to see what works for the desired results as well.

How lucrative a niche is another consideration to take into account for niche marketing. Perhaps choosing something like baking soda will have very little competition, but is there anything profitable in pursuing that particular niche? Now something like collectors items or anything that rings with profit potential is a more desired choice, or any area of information that consumers are willing to pay for, or will return for more information, as high traffic in itself may also be the goal within a niche.

These are some of the many factors to be considered whilst pursuing a niche, so it is therefore a good idea to get really well defined with it initially, and then do some extensive research to determine if this is a niche that meets your goals, and if you are willing to proceed and venture out to market.

Once you have decided, then you can make use of keyword research, and optimize your site or blog to be found and ranked by the search engines.

SEO Tips – KeywordLuv

Search engine optimization using the KeywordLuv plug in.

This post is for SEO tips in the comments section, and this site has KeywordLuv enabled. At this point I am relatively new to SEO, sites, blogs and the like, and I am hoping to help fellow webmasters and bloggers while learning a few things myself. I’ve just learned about keyword luv, and thought it is a helpful concept where we can both win, combining keyword luv with SEO.

Add your SEO tips here and of course leave a link to your site.

I can’t add many tips as I am inexperienced, so I will simply add that I used the keyword SEO for the actual SEO in this post.

Additionally, if you have a valuable tip along with a nice write up that you would like to post, I will be willing to post it on here. Write the title and keywords, and leave a valuable post along with the link to your site, or affiliate program, which is SEO related.

Here is a blog that is devoted to KeywordLuv

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